Graduating With a Criminal Justice Degree Can Land You an Exciting New Career

As Martin Luther King has rightly said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’, law enforcement and keeping criminal minds in check is the utmost necessity to ensure that the society is safe and sound. A criminal law system always needs to be modern and synchronized to the society’s needs. With the recent increase in criminal incidents and terrorist attacks, attention has been diverted to the field of criminal law. The popularity to this subject has overwhelmingly increased the number of criminal justice degree programs available in the recent times.

Criminal justice is actually a broad term and includes covering a variety of topics which would finally come under the criminal law system. There can be a variety of career paths which a student can take up after his education in criminal law. The various number of professional areas included under criminal law are the border patrol Agent, Bailiff, Corrections officer, Crime scene investigator, Court reporter, CIA agent, Customs agent, Drug enforcement agent, Detective, FBI Agent, Industrial security specialist, Law librarian, Legal secretary, Postal service investigator, Police Officer, Legal secretary, Private investigator, Secret service agent, Probation & parole officer, U.S. Marshall and the Sheriff.

To attain any of the above positions, an associate’s, bachelors or master’s degree in the field of criminal justice is required. Associate and bachelor’s degree can only make it to entry-level jobs or can be the gateway to further advanced studies. A number of accredited universities and colleges are providing on-campus and online degree programs in criminal law with specialization in different topics. Some of the universities are providing degree programs in criminal justice and law with the specializations in Court Reporting, Justice administration, Law Degree, Paralegal and Legal Services and law and criminal law, while on the other hand certain other programs exclusively in policing and investigation have the major subjects as crime scene and forensics, Forensic Accounting, Law Enforcement and Forensics Science. Degree programs in Security as also picking up amongst the students and the program can offer majoring in Security & Loss Prevention, Corrections and Public Safety.

Various colleges are working efficiently to make many of the degree programs in criminal justice available to the students. Kaplan University is proud to be amongst the respected online institutions in the country and proud to be able to provide associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s program in criminal law. University of Phoenix also follows suit, and American Intercontinental University, Everest University Online, Colorado Technical University, Ashford University are a few amongst the large number of universities providing this unique advantage.

Criminal Justice degrees not only offer the opportunities for a great career but also instill the voice of justice and security and the sheer joy to be able to help the nation in the toughest of jobs is not an easy task.

Criminal Justice School Online: Become Part of the Solution

It seems as if every day when you turn on the news, there is a story about someone caught for fraud, computer hacking, identity theft, or breeching new banking security measures. These stories may apply to your life at the moment, or they may not. For the highly trained people whose job it is to protect the everyday citizen from these kinds of shady deals, stories like this do apply. A criminal justice school online is one of the many types of schools that offer a degree in areas like Forensics, IT security and Legal Studies. With this in mind, you may also wonder what these people actually DO to make the headlines of your news stations.


A forensic accountant is not your regular accountant.

  • They are a highly trained individual that can take what they have learned as an accountant, where you make numbers balanced and legal, and work backwards.
  • They examine accounts that have unusually high and unexplained numbers and trace them back to the source, usually uncovering fraudulent actions and schemes.

A forensic investigator is another highly trained individual that does the “nitty-gritty” of investigating a crime scene.

  • They assess evidence, re-enact scenes to find out how a murder happened and they work closely with the investigation team to solve the case.

A day in the life of both of these professions is bound to be interesting.

  • They can work in an office environment, but can be required to travel in the event of gathering more evidence, or meeting other investigators or witnesses.
  • Typically, they have a set of daily task work that needs to be done, but also have individual cases that they must work on as well.

Education requirements vary depending on the positions, but a criminal justice school online can offer the entry-level degree needed – a bachelor’s.


An IT Security professional likely helped design and implement some of the most common security features on your internet browser and anti-virus software.

  • They create safety firewalls for banks, companies, the government and individuals to protect sensitive information.
  • They help victims of identity theft online or at a place like the banking ATM, and try to prevent more from happening.

IT Security professionals also have an interesting work environment.

  • Most of the time they will be behind a computer working with coding or uncovering new ways of catching security hackers – either at home or in a corporate office.
  • If they work for a firm, they may find that travel is a normal part of the job – they are sent out to help clients at their company or home.
  • Many work for security companies, banks, law firms, and other companies with sensitive information.

Education requirements for IT Security specialists are usually a bachelor’s degree for most entry-level positions in any company. For more specialized or management positions in a company, more advanced education and specialized training is needed.


This broad field of studies is broad for a reason. Legal assistants and paralegals do so much, that in fact, it might be better to ask what they DON’T do.

  • Legal assistants and paralegals assist lawyers by doing a myriad of different tasks. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics states that paralegals help lawyers “prepare for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings.”
  • They also do a lot of the research of laws, codes and legal studies for each case.
  • Really, the only thing they can’t do is set legal fees, give legal advice and present cases in court.

Paralegals and legal assistants may be in the office a lot, but they also travel with or for lawyers for court cases.

  • Most paralegals will have a set amount of daily tasks to do – research, court prep or filing.
  • Depending on how much responsibility is given to them, paralegals may be able to conduct their own research, draft contracts, request motions at court and assist attorneys during trials.

Levels of employment and salary will definitely be correlated to the amount of education earned. Anything from an associate’s to a master’s degree is offered at a criminal justice school online or at a ground school. Responsibility given in the workplace will depend on work experience and education level.

A diverse collection of different types of jobs are available to online criminal justice school students. Most, if not all, of these jobs offer exciting “behind-the-scenes” experiences in some of the most exciting and evolving fields. Just as much as criminals are finding new ways to beat the law, so it is with these innovative men and women as they continue to protect our safety.

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Certifications in Criminal Justice

If you were to look into the field of criminal justice, you would realize that there are many types of jobs available. Each job is determined by a field of specialization, in which influences the type of education and training required for it. Here are a few different areas of expertise in this field one can consider, as well as the types of certifications offered for them.

The criminal justice certification comes in the forms of certificate, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree. In this certification, one’s technical and analytical skills are honed so that they will be able to perform well in the field. Graduates would have learned and be familiarized with crime, justice, and legal systems subjects, as well as learn how to be effective communicators in order so that they are able to work as a team with other criminal justice professionals.

The Crime Scene Technologists certification can come as a certificate or an associate degree. Venturing in this field can be exciting as they can find jobs in all levels of law enforcement, or even in the office of legal or medical examiners. Having this certificate indicates that one is skilled to analyze and preserve crime scenes. They will be taught how to collect, store and recover evidence. They will also learn how to effectively relay their findings as they may need to present them in court.

Last but not least would be the certificate of Terrorism/National Security Management. For those who are already in the midst of their careers in criminal justice but feels like trying something different, this certificate can be an interesting one to attain. During the program, students will be educated about terrorist techniques, and learn how to come up with and analyze suitable response plans as well as security proposals.

All in all, there are a variety of criminal justice jobs that specializes in different areas. Remember that the type of education one should pursue relies heavily on the career goals you have in the field. Understand your goals and you will be able to find the right job for yourself.

Terri and Legal Murder

For Terri I feel a deep sadness that civilized society has
developed a thirst to kill those who can not defend their self
or speak for their self.

From the unborn child to the mentally and physically disabled
American courts have given others the right to legally murder those that inconvenient them.

I feel a heart ache that the court would allow Terri’s husband
a man that has found a life with another woman,fathered two children and received a large settlement
to make life or death decisions while taking every right away from the mother who gave her life.

A poem for Terri

It’s hard I know,

To let a an angel go,

She was a flame in the dark,

That touched every heart,

The world will miss her so,

It’a hard to let an angel go.

Some were blind in their sight,

In the angel’s fight,

She left with a light,

That will forever glow,

It’s hard to let an angel go.

Terri was her name,

The world knows an angel came,

They saw an angel’s flame,

From those who loved her so,

It’s hard to let an angel go.

She has taken wings for flight,

Past earthly dreams,past the night,

She is in heaven with God I know,

But it’s hard to let an angel go

Too late for Terri, but I hope someday the American courts and government will change the laws to prevent the legal murder of innocent Americans.


Whatever a person is a victim of ,crime or accident, When he takes his case to court.he becomes a victim for the second time.
Going through a legal battle in court can be a very emotional and traumatic experience where often the victim becomes the defendant.
A good lawyer will often find a lack of evidence ,
where some people such as Michael Jackson and O.J.Simpson are found innocent.

When a victim takes his case to court he becomes the defendant.
He has become the victim of the lawyers and the court.
This happens even in cases that are not high profile.
Victims that know what they will be subjected to sometime choose to remain silent leaving others in danger.
Victims that choose to go to court seeking justice do not always find it ,but it will be at a cost of emotional trauma to try to find justice

Tina’s Angels

I still think about them from time to time,How beautiful and sweet they were.
Such a tragdy that even though years have past the horror stays with me.
How a man that I knew could take his sweet angel daughters

Hailey and Brooke, and hold them across his lap, as the oldest one about seven cried daddy don’t, and pulled the trigger killing his daughters with a bullet to the back of the head.

Tina once told me that most people won’t mention their names to her, and she loved me for letting her know I never forgot her daughters ,or pretended they never existed, because they did.
Others thought it hurt her more to hear their name, but in reality it hurts her more when no one mentions them.
Angels came down and walked this earth and touched hearts.
Tina wasn’t killed that day,but death would have shown more mercy,than to live with the heartache of losing her two little girls,Brooke almost two,Hailey 7.

After that moment and others of those I don’t know has came and will come again ,It leaves questions of the right of others to own firearms.
I’m sure there are more deaths from accidents and those with cruel intent than there are lives saved because someone owned a firearm.
There were signs of this man’s troubled life,but no one could save two little girls from their father and his firearm.
Tina had sought a court restrain order,but it was to no advail,
when she first asked for help.

The policeman with his high powered rifle broke the door down,
where her husband held her two daughters,
But he arrived too late.The little girls father had killed his little girls and than took his own life.
This is a sad story of domestic violence, and the silent cry for help.But no one was listening.

Once two angels walked this earth,
To show this world what love is worth,
Now walking across heaven’s floor,
Their light shines through heaven’s door.
Hailey and Brooke are God’s angels forever more.