Your New Degree in Criminal Justice and the Job You Can Get With One

Law enforcement agencies all around America are changing and evolving. As contemporary criminals become more sophisticated in their activities, a better understanding of criminal conduct is necessary to help stop future crime. To do this, researching, understanding and anticipating current criminals and crimes is the core of what is taught in today’s criminal justice courses.

Criminal justice is now a social science that has three main levels of educational degrees that will offer work opportunities throughout all areas of law enforcement. There are distinct qualification stages in this discipline and the one you need depends upon what type of job you would like to have once your graduate. Degrees may be earned on the web or by attending a traditional campus. The three education levels are associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree, and each one takes you to a higher level of potential work opportunities.

Going after an associate degree takes about two years and is the primary qualification for the vast majority of community and state law enforcement positions. An associate’s degree is the entry-level degree the majority of employers really want to read on an applicants resume. This degree conveys to them that you have been coached and educated on the tasks that you will be in fact going to do. Jobs available on this level are often police officers, correctional facility workers, and airport and transportation security. Forensics specialists and cyber-crime analysts and private security officers are also popular options.

People may carry on their schooling with a bachelors degree program which makes them eligible for higher level employment and, in almost all instances, higher paying job opportunities. This four-year bachelor’s diploma gives graduates a wider variety of job opportunities, particularly in the government agencies such as the FBI and Secret Service. Prospective careers also will include criminologist, fraud investigator, CIA agent, DEA agent and Homeland Security officer. There are also options for less stressful positions as a FBI accountant, probation officer or legal assistant that are also obtainable with this level of degree.

A masters degree is the top level, opening up even higher positions with the best paying jobs. A master’s degree can really open up a number of new possibilities, particularly on the management level. Many law enforcement professionals accelerate their career with a master’s degree. This is how many get promoted faster into a management job and higher paying employment. A person can move from being a patrol officer to a supervisor to police chief with a masters degree in hand and some strong, solid work experience on their resume.

Criminal justice diplomas and careers in law enforcement go perfect together today. This industry presents some good opportunities for those who want to work either in the private or public parts of law enforcement. Given that there are lots of employment opportunities in this field, more and more young people are now contemplating pursuing a degree in criminal justice and getting themselves on an exciting new career route.

Two Popular Careers in Criminal Justice

There are a few careers that will forever have security in the job industry. Careers with solid job security are legal careers. Careers in criminal justice range from police officer, government agent, paralegal, forensics, crime scene investigator, private security, justice and corrections officer. These criminal justice degree jobs and careers require a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Some of them also require a doctorate degree.

Degrees often have a concentration in areas like criminology, sociology and political science. Depending on what specific career you are interested in, choosing a concentration will give you an advantage in those areas. To gain solid employment a concentration lets employers recognize your dedication to that specific field.

One of the most popular criminal justice careers is a paralegal. Overall, this career is the right hand assistant to an attorney. They can do everything that an attorney can do except give legal advice and represent a client in court. Other than that, it is often the responsibility of the paralegal to understand the law in the same comprehensive way that an attorney does except an attorney has had three years of Law School study. This position is great for those looking to eventually become an attorney. You can gain experience for your own practice and partake in a very steady employment opportunity.

Thanks to the popular television shows and series, crime scene investigation and forensics are up and coming careers in criminal justice. Although these careers are extremely time consuming and demanding, they are extremely rewarding. Not only are they rewarding in salary and benefits, they also give you a sense of success when your conclusions help close cases and save lives.

There are a number of ways to gain qualifications and education for this line of work. Some universities and college allow you to take a certification program on top of your bachelors degree, others require you to gain additional education in the form of a doctorate. This career is more of a scientific aspect to criminal justice.

These are just a two popular Careers In Criminal Justice. It’s also beneficial to attend schools who have a great Criminal Justice program that are noteworthy and respected in the industry. Choose a concentration that will give you very specific knowledge and experience in one area of the law. You will undoubtedly find wonderful employment opportunities with these qualifications.

Computer Forensics and Legal Aspects

The rate of crimes on internet and networks is increased to an alarming state by hackers, contractors, intruders and employees. Laws are enforced and computer forensics is practiced to avoid and prevent these crimes. Using computer forensics investigators use latest techniques of science and technology to find some evidence against crimes. The evidence will be collected for legal purposes when criminal matters are dealt. Investigation by using latest techniques of science and technology along with computer sciences to collect evidence in criminal and civil courts is called computer forensics. Experts use advanced tools to recover deleted, corrupted or damaged files from hard discs, flash drives and other storage media. A complete examination of windows registry, drives, cookies, deleted files, emails and all other relevant locations is done to find any clue to prosecute the case in law courts.

The first step in collecting evidence is to obtain warrant to search the suspected system. This warrant includes not only seizing and investigating the suspected computer but any devices connected with the crime are also included in it. A printer, scanner or any other device may be used with computer in making crime so these devices are also seized for investigation. Person who examines the computer system is not only an IT expert but a detective. He detects clues to find out the story or details of the crime. The main aim of an investigator or expert is to find out evidence not the culprit. Using computer forensics large amounts of money are recovered by following the law suits in civil and criminal courts.

Computer forensics specialist revealed frauds, crimes and corruptions in insurance companies, criminal prosecutors, large corporations and law enforcement office. The standards, methods and laws of computer forensics are different in different countries. Some evidence is acceptable in some countries but not in others while dealing with crimes at international levels. There is no boundary of internet so it is a problem while investigating and collecting evidences because different countries have different laws.

Personnel, Network administrators and security staff should have knowledge about computer forensics and its legal aspects. An expert should have authority to monitor and collect evidence related to intrusions and computer crimes. The use of security tools should be legal and according to the policies of the company and rules of the country. Computer forensics is a new discipline so the use of existing laws is instable while prosecuting computer crimes. Website of United States Department of Justice’s Cyber Crime is the reliable source of information and rules to apply it. Standards of computer forensics and list of recent cases which are in proceeding are given on the website. Evidences are collected in a way which is accepted by the court. Laws are being approved in the favor of personal data security in organizations.

Organizations have to prove that they have applied necessary securities. So when data is theft or affected then there will not be any lawsuit on the company if proper security applications and policies are installed and implemented.

Computer security law has three areas which one should know. First is in United States Constitution; it protects against unreasonable search, attacks and self-incrimination. These were written before problems occurred but tell how to practice them.

In the second area anyone practicing computer forensics should know the effect of three U.S. Statutory laws.

Wiretap Act

Pen Registers and Trap and Trace Devices Statute

Stored Wired and Electronic Communication Act

During the practice of computer forensics violations of any one of the above statutes lead to fine or imprisonment. If a company feels any doubt about that it has committed mistake it should consult with its attorney.

In third area U.S. Federal rules about computer crimes must be understood. There are two areas which affect cyber crimes

1. Authority to collect and monitor data

2. Admissibility of collection methods

If network or system administrators know about the legal and technical complexities of computer forensics or they are able to preserve critical data of the organization then it would be an asset of the organization.

Bring the Catholic Church to Justice and Reveal Its Lies

Sexual abuse by men in power is engaging the media in Australia due to the high-profile case soon to be coming into court against the number 3 official at the Vatican. Without going into his case the facts are that many priests are already in jail as they are guilty of ruining the lives of hundreds of children. Some of their victims have committed suicide. Others have turned to drugs to avoid the pain, still others are now suffering secondary and other effects from all of this horror.

Many of these kids, who are now adults, have spoken of being told that sex with a priest is sanctioned by God and that it wasn’t a sin. Many of them speak of abuse in orphanages and boarding schools and of crying themselves to sleep in pain. Some boys referred to themselves as ‘bum boys’. it was to these priests that they ‘confessed’ their sins and from whom they took their religious instructions. While most are boys there are many girls also caught in the same abuse.

Now I have some questions and they are serious. This may go against the grain of many Catholics and other church followers and for that I apologise.. I also think, however, that many Catholics suffer because of the lies and brain-washing from birth as many have stated.

Facts: With full memory of reincarnation and knowledge that heaven and hell are false and that my research and knowledge is extensive, there is a good legal case against them. It goes to the roots of the Catholic Church, which was established by Constantine in 325 AD nd not earlier as they claim. He used it to assist his sole rule of the Empire. He built the Vatican as a parliament of bishops to enforce his laws and cruel practices. His edicts to this effect survive.

Following Constantine the New Testament was written by Jerome, the doctor of the church, as confirmed in his diaries and letters, some in public libraries. He admits to changing many things in the Septuagint which he labelled as the Old Testament so that the gods of the Catholic Church, which they invented, would be accepted. He added passages to it for the same reason. His book has been used to start all the branches of Christianity and the Vatican started the Muslim Branch, for further crediting its claims.

Everything of its practices and rituals are based on sun-worship and the name of the sun in Babylon was Mary. It is to this entity that priests are married and claim their contact with God. The Vatican was built over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English).

Jerome was appointed by Damasus, the then Bishop of Rome to do it. It was first published at the end of the 4th CAD in the Vulgate. He used Peter to enforce the claim that the church was established by Jesus Christ. It is also the reason it is called St. Peter’s. His actions are confirmed by an author, Fray José, appointed by Phillip of Spain to compile the life and times of Jerome. It is freely available and he had access to the Vatican archives.

There is a pile of evidence that the Catholic Church is a continuation of the Islamic religion of Babylon and that historians got it wrong because they comply with Vatican guidelines. Having well hidden its roots behind a wall of mysteries, fallacies, and myths, it is destroying lives, causing overpopulation in poor countries and increasing the poverty. It uses its power to discriminate against people, groups, and societies. This revelation is only touching the surface.

Recently a bishop has publicly admitted on video which is online that the Church invented heaven and hell as I have spoken of frequently. It uses these fanciful places of after-life destinations as weapons to force people into its congregation and compelling them to stay on the grounds they will go to hell.

Currently there are many thousands of people suffering as a result of what this organisation, which is the richest in the world, has done to them.

Question: Isn’t it time these people received proper justice?

Question: Should this Organisation be forced to produce evidence of its claims in a court of law and to respond to my research?

Question: How much support is there to do this?

Question: How can such a case be financed?

Question: What solicitors or barristers would be interested in presenting the case and how can they be contacted?

A court case of this nature would get the publicity it deserves and relieve the burden on many who are desperately seeking compensation. This is a chance to bring justice to the world. If you agree you can share this article and comment on it.

How Competent Court Interpreting Services Can Assist Justice and Fairness

Court interpreting professionals, therefore, have a responsibility in their own right to keep balance or fairness and clarity in court proceedings. They work hand in hand with the court employees to mete out justice or at least to assist the judicial system to work properly like clockwork.

They are so needed in cases where a defendant or accused or even witnesses find it difficult to communicate in the language that the court uses. For instance, in a US court, a Spanish-speaking or French-speaking witness may be needed to describe in detail a particular scenario that happens to be slightly complicated.

Say, an embezzlement case, whose meandering or convoluted nature is not easy to describe even in English. His or her testimony plays a vital role in the outcome of the case, as the jury or judge will base their decision on the witness’s words. So imagine if the witness is unable to properly communicate due to a lack of facility with the English language. What happens then? Worse, if the court interpreting professional assigned to interpret for the witness is not competent enough to capture the gist of what the witness has to say, and consequently, botches up the entire procedure.

Whatever the decision of the judge or jury would then be based in an imperfect, or unclear, understanding of the case. In this situation, one can see the utmost importance of a well-done interpretation job-the lack of competency in this field might undermine the effectiveness of the justice system.

Needless to say, those employed in court interpreting services must have a solid grasp of the languages involved in the interpretation. If you are interpreting from English to Spanish, or vice versa, you must thoroughly know the two languages. It immensely helps if you are a native Spanish speaker with extensive English education. However, the profession is not only about linguistic abilities-one must also have related skills and a deep, if not rigorous understanding of the legal concepts, and related vocabulary and terminologies, and of course, the law.

Usually, the federal court is the one that goes to lengths to get the most qualified court interpreters. In fact, there is existing legislation that prescribes or outlines matters concerning the hiring of competent court interpreting professionals. This is to ensure that only the best people, who have more than enough preparation regarding the proper performance of court-related duties, can be allowed to work.

The requirements are stringent, but understandably so: courtroom proceedings are different than what any other kind of interpreter encounters in daily living. In the court room, one has to deal with complex things that only those with well-honed and hard-earned expertise can be able to handle.