How to Determine If a Criminal Justice Degree is Right For You

Many have asked themselves whether a criminal justice degree is right for them. Obtaining a degree in criminal justice can be very rewarding for the right person. But to enjoy these rewards, you must be interested in the law enforcement industry above anything else. More than requiring pure interest, a degree in criminal justice is often ideal for either: students who have a strong passion for justice and law enforcement, or those currently working in law enforcement, who are trying to become promoted or achieve a higher feeling of growth in their profession.

For students, a degree in this field is not absolutely necessary to enter into law enforcement, but it is certainly recommended and will most likely lead to more money and hiring preference. Before you start, really ask yourself if this degree program is right for you. For instance, have you ever imagined yourself at the scene of a crime, solving the case by putting together the crucial pieces? Your calling might be a job in forensics or crime scene investigation, and a degree in criminal justice could help get you in the door. Can’t decide between a profession in medicine or law? You can work in both areas by becoming a legal nurse consultant and protect workers’ legal and medical rights.

For those already in the law enforcement and justice administrative industry, you may want to further expand your growth, and obtaining a degree in criminology will help tremendously. There are a number of degree programs that will be most appropriate, depending on your position. For example, police officers and detectives can obtain an associate degree as well as a bachelor degree. In addition, individuals who work in the homeland security division can continue their education by becoming a holder of a Master of Arts degree.

If you are one who takes pleasure in fighting for justice and working in a constantly changing environment, a criminal justice degree may be the perfect one for you.

Injured by a Defective Product? Taking Legal Action

When you shop for your favorite products, you may have every confidence of being able to use these products safely and without suffering long-term damages to your health, happiness, and success. However, even as product makers today are held to high government standards, you could still be at risk of suffering injuries or sicknesses when you come into contact with damaged products.

If you purchase and use a defective product, you may think that you have little recourse available to you when it comes to seeking justice and compensation. You may even think the case might not be worth your time. However, if you want to move on with your life and reclaim your former happiness and health, you may be convinced to hire a lawyer and pursue a legal case for these important reasons.

Hiring an Attorney Can Bring Justice Quickly

If you fail to act quickly on your case, the statute of limitations could expire, leaving you with no way to hold the product maker responsible for your suffering. Rather than languish in pain, suffering, and embarrassment, you should hire an attorney who specializes in defective product suits and allow this professional to build a case for you that will get to court quickly and give you the justice you require to move on with your life.

Protecting Yourself from Corporate Bullying

If you report the damaged product to the company and insist that it makes things right with you, you could set yourself up for a case of corporate bullying. Corporate lawyers are highly adept at minimizing people’s claims against their company clients. You may find yourself the target of nasty emails, phone calls, and letters demanding that you cease and desist your pursuit of justice and closure. However, when you hire an attorney, you can allow your legal counsel to hold the corporate lawyers at bay so that you and your lawyer can take the case to court if need be.

Get a Fair Settlement from Representation

Having a lawyer on retainer as you go up against a big company can be vital if you want to receive a fair settlement. As witnessed in the recent case of a Tampa man who was injured by Nissan motor parts, lawyers who work for injured or sick clients like you can win big settlements that provide you with ample funds to pay your medical bills and live comfortably as you recover.

Your attorney will seek this settlement to help ease your worries about going back to work or paying for medical and legal expenses for which you should not be held responsible. Furthermore, if you pursue a settlement without this knowledgeable legal counsel to guide you, you may be tempted to accept the first sum that is offered to you. Your attorney can make sure that the actual compensation provided is enough to cover your expenses today, as well as in the future.

When you use or consume a defective product, it can pay you to pursue a case against the liable company. You can have the advantage to win and move on with your life when you rely on an attorney who specializes in this area of law. With an attorney by your side, you can pursue a case in court that will help you find the closure and justice you need.

The Roles and Duties of the Homeland Security Specialist in the Criminal Justice Field

There are many different things you will be trained on as a Homeland Security Specialist in the field of criminal justice. These things include juvenile justice, American legal systems, constitutional law, cultural diversity in criminal justice, techniques and technologies, and countering terrorism.

As a specialist in Homeland Security, you will need to be educated and trained on juvenile justice. This is because the theories cover the emergence of a terrorist’s mindset. Terrorists are raised and learning the roots of the delinquency problems such as abuse and neglect can help raise flags about certain individuals.

You will also need to have a clean understanding of the American legal systems as a homeland security specialist. The conventional hierarchy of the legal system should be clearly understood because you will be an employee of this system.

The interests of society and the rights of individuals are being weighed and are a primary concern of police officers today. As an agent of homeland security you will deal with the constantly changing and evolving area of law enforcement working with police and officers.

Cultural diversity is very important as a homeland security officer. You need to know the different cultures of the people you are responsible for policing. Agents need to be able to narrow down the variables of the different cultures of individuals. This is not a risk an agent can afford taking if they don’t know the different backgrounds and cultures. Culture norms change all of the time for people and it is important to stay educated and on top of the different changes.

One of the jobs you might have as a homeland security agent is to catch coyotes at the border trying to smuggle in illegal drugs and illegal aliens into the country. This is an ongoing problem in the United States and the need for homeland security agents is growing dramatically.

Most of the jobs as homeland security agents reside at the border of Mexico. The problems with illegal drugs being brought into the United States are astounding. The amount of dangerous criminals crossing the borders illegally is even worse. There are hundreds of people dying each year from dehydration and heat exhaustion trying to make it in the high temperatures. Homeland security agents are needed to lower these numbers and provide safety for the citizens of the country.

As a Homeland Security Specialist in the criminal justice field you will be working closely with local law enforcements and you will be very savvy on the legal system and how it works. The primary needs today for agents is at the border of Mexico to stop the heavy drug trafficking and the illegal aliens from crossing the border.

As you can see, the homeland security agent plays many roles and duties in the criminal justice field. There are a lot more roles and duties than I can cover in this short article.

In you are interested in the homeland security career, I encourage you to do more research on the internet. You can do this by visiting websites that cover the profession in more detail. This will help you decide if this career is indeed for you.

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Mesothelioma Lawyers – Your Key to Justice and Compensation

Mesothelioma, otherwise known as asbestos poisoning is a serious aftereffect that results from prolonged exposure to asbestos. Individuals that expose themselves to asbestos may not be aware of the poisoning that is taking place in their system and hence will see sudden disastrous effects in their body, particularly on the lungs. Certain cases of mesothelioma have seen to spread to the heart as well as tunica vaginalis. What most people do not know is that mesothelioma is a carcinogen and can often be neglected as it has no early dysfunctions. As time goes on, an individual may suffer from bronchitis which will adversely lead to cancer. It has been noticed that people who suffer from mesothelioma are individuals that have been exposed to asbestos without the necessary precautions. In most cases, this has been the fault of negligence and irresponsible behavior that asbestos industries exhibit. If you are a victim of asbestos poisoning, you can take the first step and press for charges by electing a Mesothelioma Lawyer to help you out.

Mesothelioma Lawyers are well versed with the legal proceedings that are involved with personal injury cases. Most of the top personal injury law firms that deal with Mesothelioma cases have been known to provide impeccable legal assistance due to their many years of experience in the field. If you are one of the many victims of asbestosis, it would be high time that you opt for a Mesothelioma Lawyer to help you out. It is understandable that you may not have the courage or energy to press for charges due to the circumstances of the events that have unfolded in your life, but if you believe that justice needs to be served, it is highly advised to go on a legal route. The best of Mesothelioma Lawyers will not only help you take your matter to court, but they will ensure that justice will prevail as you desire. Irresponsible companies and industries should be sued so that others do not fall prey to the same problem. Hence, it is highly advised that you put your best foot forward and find the best of Mesothelioma Lawyers to take your case to court.

One of the biggest challenges that has been noticed among a lot of victims like yourself, is that they are not able to find a Mesothelioma Lawyer in their local area. This is where the internet comes in and provides a platform for you to find local Mesothelioma Lawyers and Personal Injury law firms. While opting for Mesothelioma Lawyers, it is highly advised that you scout the web well so that you can find an attorney that has the best of relevant experience in handling personal injury cases and one that can guarantee you that justice will be served.

The JUSTICE Card in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cards

In the Justice card in the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot Cards, you can see a figure in long red and green robes, seated between two pillars, with a veil behind. The figure is wearing a crown and is holding a sword in one hand and a set of scales in the other hand.

This is a powerful card and the person drawing it needs to have strength and courage in whatever they are undertaking.

Colours of the Justice Card

The Colours are mostly strong red, which is the colour of external power. The green cloak represents compassion and love, which are also important in matters of justice.

The curtain behind is a deep purple, which is a mixture of strong red, representing the material outer world and blue, which is a colour of inner emotions.

Symbols of the Justice Card

The sword is double-edged and as such can fall in either direction. The scales of justice suggest balance and fairness. The Crown represents authority of some sort, mostly in the external world. The pillars represent duality and balance and the veil between them indicates that there is much more to this person or this situation than is being revealed.

Meaning of the Justice Card Upright

This can be a legal or official situation for someone. It may be to do with mediation or discussions and may or may not involve courts. The person may need to seek advice from someone who is balanced and impartial in their advice.

Unless indicated otherwise by surrounding cards, the situation will usually turn out for the highest and best good. The phrase “Justice will be done” comes to mind, although that may or may not be in favour of the person drawing this card.

As a person, it can be pointing to someone who has a real sense of justice and fairness and a huge desire to champion the underdog, or to support a cause they have a complete passion for.

There may be a need to look at your situation and ask yourself whether you are being really objective and balanced in your approach.

This is a card of logic. There is no place for emotion with this card.

Meaning of the Justice Card Reversed

The Meaning of the Justice Reversed is an injustice or a miscarriage of Justice or someone who is not being fair or objective in their dealings. They may be trying to misuse their power or authority or trying to bully others by threats of legal proceedings. The scales of Justice can tip either way and, although you would hope that the proceedings would be based on logic, that is not always the case.

In the Reversed position, the figure is propped up on her his or her sword and so runs a great risk of falling on it and doing themselves some serious damage.

You can now prominently see the yellow sun at the bottom of the card. Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus and can be the centre of the ego. If the Reversed card points to a miscarriage of Justice, it may be that the root cause is ego and personal prejudice.

If the Justice Reversed points to legal and official matters, it may not necessarily be the case that the decision has been incorrect, however the person asking the question is likely to feel very strongly that they have been severely wronged.

The surrounding cards will probably give a lot more information as to what has happened and what needs to be done in way of next steps.

Amanda Goldston

Tarot Author and Coach

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